Personalized Memory Care in
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Experience personalized senior care. Oklahoma City, OK is the perfect destination for loving care in a warm and friendly memory care community.

When you’re looking for a memory care community, Oklahoma City, OK’s Jasmine Estates is the right choice for you. We’ll provide the services, amenities, dining, and care your loved one needs and deserves. In our family-friendly community, they’ll feel right at home. Here you’ll find care team members who consider it a joy to serve both newcomers and long-time residents. From parties on the patio and family Chili Cook-offs to an abundance of social activities, it’s easy to make new friends. Residents can thrive in the most exceptional senior care Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has to offer.

Our Services

Experience an active, personalized memory care community. Oklahoma City, OK residents can do more and enjoy life more, and make more memories with the right kind of assistance. We take the time to get to know you and your family, then work together to design a specific plan that will provide the help and health services you need and desired. Our suites and living rooms are designed specifically for people who need assistance and security, tailored for Alzheimer’s or dementia care. Your loved one will enjoy the comforts of home and have an active lifestyle along with the reassurance that a helping hand and compassionate care are always available.

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Interested in Becoming a Resident?

To learn more about The Gardens of Castle Hills or to schedule a tour, please introduce yourself to our team.

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By getting to know each resident on a personal level, we are able to offer personalized memory care activities for each and every resident. If your loved one enjoys board games or puzzles, we make sure that there are plenty available. If we know that a resident routinely becomes anxious at a specific time of day, we can anticipate the behavior and redirect their focus with a calming, engaging activity. We offer a variety of activities to do or join such as games, art, or family support seminars. Events focused on education, spiritual, physical, and mental health are offered at Jasmine Estates of Oklahoma City.

Leading with Passion

The husband-and-wife team James and Suzanne Denny are passionate about providing individualized service to seniors. Their hands-on approach when it comes to serving seniors is the heart of why we do what we do. We diligently carry out our mission using our core values of quality, honesty, service and improving the lives of others daily.

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Visit and Experience the Difference.

Ready to schedule a visit? We invite you to schedule an in-person or virtual tour and experience Jasmine Estates of Oklahoma City dementia care for yourself.

Jasmine Estates of Oklahoma City

Our Core Values


We strive to provide lasting standards of service for our residents.


We go above and beyond to ensure our service is worth providing.


Having truthful, open, and transparent conversations.


Engaged with compassion and commitment.


Daily Enhancing the Lives of Others.

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