How Do I Find Memory Care in Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City memory care options can feel overwhelming. Knowing where to begin your search and what to look for in a community can be difficult. Touring memory care facilities is the best way to find care for your loved one experiencing dementia.

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Bringing a pre-made list of questions will aid your journey of discovering specialized dementia care. Continue reading to learn how to take your questions from general to personal and find care that feels like home.

Contact Jasmine Estates if you have any immediate questions about Oklahoma City memory care for your loved one.

How do I find Alzheimer’s care near me?

As with most modern tasks, you’ll probably start with a web search for Alzheimer’s care near me. Sorting through the ads and options doesn’t always prepare you for what you need to know. There are other ways to make human connections in your search for senior care.

If a parent or spouse is living with memory loss, joining a support group should be your first action. Before beginning to provide care by yourself, invest time into hearing from people in your community who have undergone a similar journey.

The Oklahoma chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association has many free counseling resources and in-person or virtual support groups in and around Oklahoma City. Within these networks, you may learn more about Alzheimer’s and dementia care communities in your area.

These groups can also help you form a list of questions to ask a memory care community. Everyone’s journey with memory loss is different, so make sure to make your inquiries as personal as possible.

What questions do I ask a memory care community?

There are many general questions to ask to get familiar with the community. For example:

  • Is the building clean?
  • What activities do you offer?
  • Do residents live in private or shared living spaces?
  • Is the community secure?
  • Do residents enjoy the food?
  • Do you involve the family in care options?

Bring a physical copy of your questions and jot down notes of the things you hear, smell, and see. These experiences can come in handy for a second tour at another time of day. Look for changes on your next visit.

Remember to ask questions about things that are relevant to you and your loved ones’ specific situations. You may want to ask your loved ones’ doctor for additional inquiries. If your parent or spouse experiences other health problems that need attention, ask:

  • Do you offer diabetic care?
  • Is there on-site physical therapy?
  • Are professional nurses available?
  • Can you manage and administer medications?

If your loved one with dementia has certain daily habits, ask if the community can provide for their needs. If they have a tendency to wander, ask what emergency plans and preventative measures they facilitate.

Why does my loved one need memory care?

Memory care communities in Oklahoma City allow families to continue being a family. Caretaking puts a considerable burden on relationships. We are here to relieve that pressure. Many of the benefits of memory care are the social aspects of our program.

People living with Alzheimer’s and dementia deserve to live fulfilling lives. The National Institute on Aging says, “Being active and getting exercise helps people with Alzheimer’s disease feel better.”

Ask the community questions about engaging physical and social programming:

  • What wellness programs do you provide?
  • Are there activities for all skill and ability levels?
  • Are activities tailored to residents’ needs?
  • Do you offer special events?
  • How are community outings supervised to prevent wandering?
  • Can my mom or dad bring hobbies from home?
  • Can I participate in community activities?

Why is it important to ask questions on a memory care tour?

With a list of questions, you’ll have the opportunity to feel if the community is suitable for your family’s needs. Get the answers you need by asking tough questions. Make sure the community you choose feels like home and not a facility.

Ask questions about the experiences of the staff:

  • What training do associates receive?
  • Who will my loved one interact with the most?
  • Do other residents enjoy their caretakers?
  • What emergency services can the staff offer?
  • How does the staff adapt to challenging situations?
  • Can the culinary team provide special diets?

Creating a family feel in the community is essential to the Jasmine Estates of Oklahoma City memory care community. Unlike many senior living communities offering independent living, assisted living, and dementia care, our community focuses all our attention on care for people living with memory loss.

Ask questions about our associates like:

  • What training do associates receive?
  • Who will my loved one interact with the most?
  • Do other residents enjoy their caretakers?
  • What emergency services do you offer?
  • Can the culinary staff provide special diets?

What can my loved one expect from memory care at Jasmine Estates of Oklahoma City?

Our signature program and the philosophy of our community is a Garden Walk. Like supporting the vines of the garden, we uplift our residents to succeed and shine. Our family-friendly environment lets loved ones live with a sense of purpose and belonging.

How do I schedule a tour of Jasmine Estates of Oklahoma City?

Contact us through our website or call (405) 237-7070 to ask questions about our memory care. Oklahoma City families are encouraged to schedule a tour at their earliest convenience.

We understand finding care is a difficult process. Let Jasmine Estates of Oklahoma City be a resource in your journey.

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